Bread Storage Tips

I’m often asked how long bread will keep and the best way to store it. Most items will be fine on the counter for a couple of days. One thing to note is that I package crusty breads and bagels in micro-perforated bags (so they have tiny holes in them). This keeps the crust from softening, but bread will get hard faster than in a sealed bag. It’s best to transfer these items to another bag within a day of when you get them or once you cut them, whichever comes first.

The refrigerator isn’t a good storage place for bread, since it stales faster there. If you’re planning to toast the bread or heat it in another way, that’s fine, but freezing is usually a better option, especially if you want to eat the bread at room temperature. If you slice the bread before freezing it, you can just pull out what you need and it will thaw quickly.

The sweet items on my menu can also be frozen. The only one that I would hesitate about is the cinnamon rolls, since the glaze will probably melt into the rolls. That being said, I’ve had customers tell me that they’ve successfully frozen and thawed them.

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