About Di

I’ve been baking for pretty much as long as I can remember.  As a child, I loved being in the kitchen, especially when I could watch my mom or grandmother and see what they were doing.  I think the earliest thing I made was brownies from a box mix.  I became an expert at scraping the bowl so there wouldn’t be anything left for my younger sisters to lick. 😄  (I’m a little nicer these days when it comes to my two daughters.)  My fondness for mixing things up eventually led to a chemistry degree from Caltech.  However, after graduating, I quickly realized that I wanted to spend my time interacting with people rather than chemicals.  Then I ended up as an accidental banker, in a career that lasted for two decades.

Through it all, I continued to bake.  I made birthday cakes for my employees (or other desserts when requested).  It was assumed that I would bring dessert to all potlucks.  My husband bought me my first cooking magazine back in 1999 to keep me occupied while I was home with the flu, and then started buying me cookbooks for most special occasions.  My love of science led me to Shirley Corriher and Alton Brown and the folks at America’s Test Kitchen.  I started a notebook to keep track of my baking experiments, and that turned into a baking blog that I kept up for over 5 years.  One by one, I conquered various challenges–croissants, fancy layer cakes, sourdough bread.  I admit, I’m still afraid of tempering chocolate.

Thanks to the awesome Texas Cottage Food Law (passed in 2011 & expanded in 2013 & 2019), I’ve been able to turn my love of baking into a business that I can operate from my home.  I love building relationships with my customers and doing what I can to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.  I hope that you’ll let me do that for you!

If you’d like to read more about the evolution of To Di For Bakery, start here: My Business Story