Fun Easter Links & Kitchen Disasters

I’ve got some light reading for you this week, including natural eggs dyes (clearly not what we used above!), peeps, uses for leftover Easter candy, and the funniest baking fails of the past year from King Arthur Flour.

Lots of different foods can help you turn your hard cooked eggs pretty colors. This Food Network article tells you more.

I grew up just an hour or so away from Bethlehem, PA, the birthplace of Peeps. Do you remember when the only ones you could get were yellow? Food Network has rounded up a bunch of fun facts about the sugar coated marshmallow treats–read it here.

Not sure what to do with leftover candy that you don’t really want to eat on its own because it’s too sweet? Stella Parks over at Serious Eats has an idea!

And finally, it doesn’t have to do with Easter, but I couldn’t resist sharing King Arthur Flour’s annual round-up of their test kitchen disasters. It’s nice to know that even the experts have big failures sometimes.