Bundt Cake Storage Tips

Today, I have a few tips about bundt cakes. (I know there are questions about layer cakes, too, so I plan to write a separate post about them.) When I deliver a cake to someone, I often get asked about how to store it. The first question is usually, “Do I need to refrigerate it?” The simple answer is no. Bundt cakes keep quite well at room temperature. Refrigerating most baked goods will dry them out, plus cold can dull the flavors, so you’d want to wait for the cake to warm up before eating it. Who wants to do that? If you happen to have a covered cake plate like the one above, this is the perfect time to get it out. Your cake will keep just fine for several days, assuming it lasts that long.

But what if you don’t have anything like that? I didn’t for a long time, so I learned to improvise. If you have a cake stand without a cover, you can come up with your own! The dome covering the cake in the photo above is actually the bowl from my salad spinner. It happened to be just the right size to fit on the stand. But if you don’t have any sort of cake stand, that’s okay. In the photo below, I placed the cake (on its cake board) directly onto my kitchen table, and covered it with a glass mixing bowl.

Another common question is whether or not you can freeze the cake. I wasn’t sure, we seldom have cake around very long in my house. So I tried it. I wrapped a slice of cake in plastic wrap and then wrapped the whole thing in foil. I froze it for several days. Today, I took it out of the freezer and let it thaw at room temperature, still wrapped. It didn’t take all that long, since it was a single slice. When I unwrapped it, it looked the same as before I froze it. I wasn’t sure how the glaze would fare, but it was fine. (Please note, the vanilla glaze on this cake is fairly firm to begin with; softer glazes might stick to the wrapping.)

The verdict? The taste of the cake was great, and I think the texture was even better than before I froze it! So yes, you can definitely freeze extra cake. And if you cut it into slices & wrap them individually, you can pull out a slice or two at a time whenever you’re in the mood for cake. In the mood for bundt cake now? You can find them all here: Bundt Cakes

One last note, if you ever struggle to get cake out of its bakery box, check out this video tip I posted on Instagram.